Bathtub Reviews
Freestanding, Clawfoot, Drop-in, Walk-in and Recessed

Welcome to the wonderful and relaxing world of bathtubs! To most of the world a bathtub is just a place to get clean, but for me it is so much more. My tub is my private retreat where I can escape all the crazy stuff that is happening in my life, just relax, and enjoy some peace and tranquility. It is super-important to me that I have an awesome tub worthy of being placed in my bathroom oasis.

I recently embarked on a search to find the perfect bathtub and I gathered so much information on the different tubs available that I thought it would be a waste not to share it with the rest of the world. I chose this website as my medium to do just that because, you know, everyone and their grandma is online these days. So I went through all the bathtub information I gathered in my search, did some more research, and came up with my top picks for the best tubs on the market.

I hope this information helps you to find the tub of your dreams!

Here are my top picks, organized by type of tub:


Best Freestanding Bathtubs

American Standard 2764014M202.011 Cadet Freestanding Tub


If you can find the time in your busy schedule, there is nothing quite like spending 30 minutes soaking in a spacious, deep bathtub like this one from American Standard. This is a classic freestanding tub but it has all the features you would expect to find on a modern bathtub, like its patented overflow system and wide storage deck. When you purchase this Cadet freestanding tub you will receive the complete kit, including the drain and tub filler with hand spray.

Practical and Functional

Although it is beautiful to look at, the manufacturers (American Standard) of this bathtub also designed it to be practical and functional. The extra deep bathing well, for example, makes it possible to submerge your entire body for a luxurious deep soak. The tub also has a wide storage deck for all your bathing accessories so that you can keep them close by while you are enjoying your bath.

Sleek, Contemporary Look

The design on this freestanding tub is simple but contemporary and sleek. It will fit right in with the decor of most bathrooms as it comes in an universal arctic white color. The overflow system on this model uses a higher-than-usual drain to help prevent water from spilling onto your floors; you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after your relaxing soak in this tub.

OVE Rachel 70-Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub


I like this OVE acrylic tub because even though it has a simple design, the gentle slope of the tub gives it a touch of sophistication and style. This is not your regular run-of the mill bathtub, and when you look at it you can tell. The slope in the design is also functional as it gives you a nice high surface to rest your head above water when you are soaking in the tub.

No Staining or Fading!

100% acrylic was used to construct the Rachel freestanding bathtub. The acrylic is reinforced with fiberglass; as a result it not only has a smooth, glossy white finish but it is also stain and fade resistant. If you are looking for a durable bathtub that will keep its beauty and still look good 10 years from now, this stylish OVE glossy white freestanding tub is a great choice.

Easy Installation

Personally I would rather hire the services of a professional to install anything in my house, but those of you who consider yourselves to be “handy” around the house will be happy to know that this bathtub is relatively easy to install. The waste and overflow are also included with your purchase, as well as detailed installation instructions to make installing the tub a breeze.

AKDY F224+8711 Acrylic Tub and Tub Filler Bathroom Combo


The AKDY brand is well known in the bathroom fixtures industry, and for very good reason – they consistently produce innovative, high-quality, and stylish products that can be used to enhance virtually any bathroom. I honestly had a hard time choosing only one of their bathtubs for this list because they have so many fabulous designs, but finally I settled on the AKDY F224+8711 Bathroom Combo that looks great and is also excellent value for your money!

Ergonomic Design

If you plan to spend hours soaking away in your new bathtub it is important that it is ergonomically designed. This was carefully designed so that no matter which end of the tub you use to rest your head it will be properly supported. There are no sharp angles or edges for you to worry about either – the bathtub is smooth, soft, and rounded. It also has a more-than-ample space for you to sit comfortably. It is 49.2 inches long and up to 21.3 inches high – plenty of space for non-giant persons to stretch out and relax.

Tub Filler Included!

You won’t be able to fully enjoy your bath with any water and so it’s a good thing that the AKDY F224+8711 comes with its very own tub filler already included. So many bathtub sellers will only give you the tub and ask you to purchase a tub filler separately. Needless to say (but I will say it anyway) you will save money by not having to make a second purchase for the tub filler. You will also save time, as installing the bathtub will be much faster with the tub filler present and ready to go.

Wyndham Collection Soho 60 inch Freestanding Bathtub


Imagine you are on vacation on a tropical island and you are staying in a luxurious oceanfront suite. The bathtub that you will soak in after a long day of lounging on the beach will most likely be like this fabulous Wyndham Collection Soho freestanding bathtub. Elegant, clean, and super comfortable.

No Drilling Needed!

Like most people you may think that you will need to drill some holes in your bathtub to get it to fit securely on the surface of the floor in your bathroom. With some freestanding tubs you will need to do this, but fortunately with this bathtub you won’t need to take out your drill at all. To adhere the tub to the floor there are two very large, well-hidden panels where you will apply generous amounts of silicone. There are no plumbing access reveals or unsightly cutouts, so your new tub will look fabulous from any angle.

A Warm Touch

This tub is made with acrylic and, unlike enamel or steel tubs, it will be very warm whenever you touch it. Because the tub itself stays warm to the touch, the water that you put inside it will also stay hot or warm for much longer than it would in a regular bathtub. The acrylic construction also makes it very solid and durable.

KINGSTON BRASS VTRS592928 59-Inch Contemporary Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub


Bathtubs don’t get much more contemporary than this sleek and stylish tub from Kingston Brass. It is a solid, thick, high-capacity bathtub with a gentle slope on one end to support your head while you relax. The slope was tastefully done and adds to the overall contemporary feel of the tub. This is one tub that can take the style score of your bathroom up a notch or two for sure.

Thick Acrylic

The acrylic used to make this tub is between 3 and 5 inches thick at various points. This thickness helps to make the tub very strong and durable but it also contributes to the beautiful contemporary look of the tub. Acrylic is also wear resistant and very easy to clean.

High Tub Capacity

You can put up to 52 gallons of water into this tub and that is more than enough to keep your entire body (head excluded) nicely submerged for a very relaxing deep soak. Its higher-than-average 28 inches are, for the most part, responsible for this high tub capacity. Tub drains with overflow are included with your purchase so you don’t have to worry about any of the 52 gallons spilling over onto your bathroom floors. All you have to do is fill up, sit back, and relax in this luxurious bathtub.

Best Drop-in Bathtubs

KOHLER K-1123-0 Archer 5-Foot Bath


If you know anything about high-end bathroom fixtures, then you will know the name Kohler. They are on the leading edge when it comes to producing creative new looks for traditional bathroom fixtures; the K-1123-0 bathtub is another classic tub from this reputable company. It is well made, comfortable, and, when compared to some other similar tubs, it is quite affordable.

Transitional Aesthetic

Perhaps one of the best things about this KOHLER K-1123-0 Archer tub is that it will blend in seamlessly with just about any bathroom decor. It comes in a gorgeous classic white tone that you would expect to see in a bathroom that is clean and modern. The rectangular shape of the tub also lends itself to the clean, aesthetic lines that are so trendy in home decor today. Whether you want the tub to be the highlight of your bathroom or you just want it to complement other accent pieces, the transitional aesthetics of this Kohler tub makes it perfect for the job.

Comfortable Design

At first glance the armrests appear to be a bit narrow, but users of this tub say that it is extremely comfortable as the water in the tub will support your arms while you are sitting. The tub is also very deep, about 19 inches at its highest point, so you will be able to sit back and relax comfortably while submerged in the tub full of water. Entering and exiting the tub is also easy to do with its low step-over height.

American Standard 7236V002.020 Evolution with Form Fitted Back Rest


Now let’s look at the Evolution bathtub from American Standard. Will it be able to live up to its name or is it just another basic bathtub trying to come off as evolved? When you first see this bathtub it may seem to be very basic but, if you look closer or, better yet, get inside and soak it all up, you will be able to see for sure that this tub is not your average drop-in bathtub.

Evolved Soaking

This tub from American Standard is a part of their Evolution Collection and you can certainly say that it represents an evolved bathtub. Whereas the traditional bathtub that your grandmother had was most likely a simple, curved, white enamel tub, this modern version is still relatively simple and white, but it incorporates features that make it more comfortable and easy to use – features like the dual armrests and form-fitted backrest.

A Versatile Tub

Even though this is a drop-in tub it is quite versatile and you will have the option to do an undermount or alcove installation as well. The flat edges of the tub make it suitable for the undermount installation method where the opening of the tub is placed under a covering (usually stone or marble). The rectangular shape and clean lines of the tub’s design make it easy to be installed with the alcove method.

KOHLER K-1147-0 6040 Oval Bath


Not everyone will want or appreciate the same old rectangular-shaped tub that can be found in most bathrooms today. For persons like these who want to stray a little from the traditional bathtub designs but not go over the top, this oval shaped Kohler bathtub should just do the trick. It is made from acrylic so it is tough and durable, and it’s distinctive oval shape will add a touch of style to your bathroom oasis.

Functional Elegance

As one of the models from the Kohler Proflex collection, this K-1147-0 bathtub is not only stylish and elegant, it is also a fully-functional tub where you can soak all your worries away. The oval shape gives it a width of up to 40 inches and, combined with its 60-inch length, that is more than enough room for you to get nice and comfy in this tub. It is also over 17 inches deep so you can fill the tub with up to 54 gallons of water for a complete full body soak whenever you want.

Strong and Durable

As with most high quality bathtubs, the KOHLER K-1147-0 is made with acrylic and this makes it very strong and durable. Acrylic is a flex-resistant material and it gives the tub a very smooth finish. It also resists cracking and chipping, which means that it will not be able to harbor germs and bacteria that normally live in small spaces like cracks. This bathtub will also be very easy to clean because of its acrylic construction.

Carver Tubs AR7242 – 72″ x 42″ Drop-In Soaking Bathtub


With the right fixtures your bathroom can be transformed from just a place where you get clean and brush your teeth into a beautiful and relaxing oasis in your home. Adding a bathtub like this Carver Tub will allow you to create a very tranquil, spa-like environment in your bathroom. It is a very spacious drop-in soaking tub with added features like the built-in dual armrests to make your soak even more relaxing.

Slip Resistant

Older persons who have mobility issues, as well as very young children, will be much safer in this Carver bathtub as its bottom is slip resistant. This is important because the bathroom is one area in the house where many accidents happen every year, and some of them are fatal. Having a slip-resistant tub like this one in your bathroom will make it a safer place – this can give you more peace of mind as well, especially if you have young children or elderly persons in your home. Safety first!

Space for Two!

Most of the bathtubs that I have reviewed have been one-person tubs but the Carver AR7242 has enough space for two adult persons to enjoy a nice soak together. It is extra long at over 70 inches and it also has a convenient center drain to make it more comfortable for two people. Because the drain is not located at one end of the tub, as is the case with regular tubs, when two people are sitting in it neither of them will be forced to sit directly on the drain, which can be very uncomfortable.

Best Recessed Bathtubs

Sterling Plumbing 61041120-0 All Pro Bathtub, 60x30x15-Inch


The All Pro Bathtub from Sterling Plumbing is a great, basic white, recessed tub that can easily be installed on openings of the standard 5 inches. It has a 15-inch integrated apron and it also has a nice gentle slope to help prevent water from settling when you empty the tub. This is a well-constructed tub that has the advantage of being able to blend in with the bathroom decor in most homes. The price of this unit is also super affordable, so if you are on a budget and looking for a good quality tub this is a great option.

Viral Material

A solid viral material was used to construct this tub from Sterling Plumbing. This type of material is very durable, which makes it perfect to be used for this purpose. Bathtubs get used daily and often by multiple persons; if you want to have one that will survive the test of time even with regular use, choosing one that is made with very strong materials like this is very important. The tub also has a lightly textured, swirl gloss finish that will cleverly conceal any scratches that the tub will get from being used everyday; this helps the tub to keep a beautiful appearance for many years.

Integral Apron

One of the features I like best on this tub is its integral apron. An apron on a bathtub is located on the exposed side and it can be removed for servicing of the tub. Normally aprons can be removed by taking out the bolts that attach it to the tub, but with integral aprons there are no bolts. Integral aprons allow much easier access for servicing as they do not require any bolts and instead they form a skirt which is actually a part of the tub.

KOHLER K-715-0 Villager Bath with Left-Hand Drain


Another one from Kohler, but they have so many great bathtubs it was impossible to pick only one. There is a reason they are so popular in the bathroom fixtures industry – they make beautiful, high-quality products! This K-715-0 Villager Bath, for example, is a great tub that will look gorgeous in almost any bathroom, and because it’s a Kohler you can be sure that is well made.

Cast Iron Strength

When it comes to constructing bathtubs, the durability of enameled cast iron is unmatched. Whatever life can throw at a cast iron tub – big feet, kids’ toys, hot water – no other material will be able to stand up to wear and tear like cast iron. The K-715-0 is made with Kohler cast iron and this is almost a kind of guarantee that you will have this tub around for a very long time. In fact, don’t be surprised if it outlives you. Kohler designed this tub with cast iron because they know it’s up to the task of providing their customers with reliable performance year after year; they are so confident about its durability that they have backed it with a limited lifetime warranty.

Easy Installation

The apron on this tub is an integral apron that does not have any bolts to attach it. This means that you will be able to install the tub in less time that it would take to install one with a regular apron that uses bolts. In the event that you need to have the tub serviced in the future, the integral apron will also make it much easier for under the tub to be accessed.

American Standard 2461.002.020 Cambridge 5-Feet Bath Tub


For people who love cast iron but don’t necessarily want to have to deal with all the effort involved getting a heavy cast iron bathtub installed in their home, this Cambridge 5-foot Americast tub will prove to be a great alternative. It has all the benefits of cast iron and then some. If you opt to get one of these bathtubs you will also get the benefit of a quick and easy installation as well as its stylish looks and comfort features.

Cast Iron Alternative

What is better than using cast iron to construct a bathtub? Using Americast. Americast is used exclusively by American standard to make bathtubs and it is an excellent alternative to cast iron. For one thing, Americast is more durable than cast iron. You can expect that it will last longer but the benefits don’t stop there. It is also up to 50% lighter than traditional cast iron and the cost to install it is actually cheaper. This tub was constructed with Americast and finished with glossy porcelain to add to the beauty of its appearance.

Safety First!

I am a big fan of bathtubs with safety features and so I am loving that this one from American Standard has a slip-resistant surface. Another safety feature is the beveled headrest that will keep your head comfortably above water while the rest of you body is submerged. The non-slip bottom and the beveled head rest will work together and prevent you from slipping down into the water if you happen to fall asleep. You should never sleep in a water-filled tub however, even a tub that has safety features like this one. You should always put safety first.

Bootz 011-2364-00 Bayside Bathtub, 40 gallon


You don’t have to have a large budget to be able to get a great looking bathtub for your bathroom. This tub from Bootz is simple, clean, and stylish but it won’t break the bank. You can actually get this bathtub for under $200. If you have been putting off getting a tub because of the high price tags that most of them carry, you don’t have to put it off any longer. You can get your tub and save money too with the Bootz Bayside Bathtub.

All In The Details

The little details matter for some and if you are the sort of person who can appreciate the details then you will love this Bootz Bayside Bathtub. Don’t be fooled by its simple appearance or its budget-friendly price, this is a good quality tub that carries an air of understated elegance. Add some old-world charm with a modern twist to your bathroom with this affordable tub from Bootz.

Made In the USA

With so many of the products that we use being made outside of the U.S. it’s a refreshing change to see good-quality bathtubs being produced right here in this country. I personally like to support local manufacturers, especially when they produce high-quality product, which is often the case. Bootz bathtubs are all made in the state of Indiana at their state-of-the-art facilities.

Best Walk-in Bathtubs

27″ x 53″ Left Drain Air & Whirlpool Walk In Bathtub


I used to think that walk-in tubs were for old people who have mobility issues, but after reviewing several walk-in models I am now seriously considering to get one for myself! They are, in a word, awesome! Many of them like this Air and Whirlpool tub, are packed with features to turn your bathing time from boring and mundane into an invigorating and enjoyable experience.

Water Jets!

I had to put an exclamation after the Water Jets subtitle because the thought of using water jets gets me a little excited 🙂 Water jets are awesome because they can basically transform what would be a regular bathtub into a whirlpool jacuzzi and, well, they are just more fun! The jets on this model are directional so you can point them where you will enjoy them most and let them spray all the stress away.

Feature Packed!

OK, another exclamation deserves to be here because this is really one feature-packed tub! It has over 20 listed features but for the sake of brevity (and so as to not bore you with a long list) I will only mention my favorite features. Aside from the water jets I mentioned earlier, I am also excited about the color therapy feature where the tub actually has colored lights to help you have an even more relaxing experience. It also has 20 air bubble massage injectors and a molded bathing seat to make this tub a very tempting purchase if you don’t already have one.

Spa World Venzi Vz3060silws Rectangular Soaking Walk-In Bathtub, 30×60, Left Drain


Enjoy deep soaking in standard size bathrooms with this fabulous soaking tub from Spa World. It doesn’t come with all the high tech bells and whistles that you will find on some other walk-in tubs, but sometimes simpler is better. When all you want to do is just soak quietly and relax, you don’t need jets and sprays to be able to enjoy true serenity; the Spa World Venzi will give you up to 22 inches of supreme soaking pleasure.

Luxurious Soaking

Because this walk-in tub is so deep you will be able to enjoy a luxurious soak with most of your body submerged under water. Add some scented candles and a little classical music in the background and you will have an experience worthy of any spa. The difference is that you won’t have to spend big bucks for a spa day and you won’t have to book an appointment either!

Independent Bathing

This Spa World tub is particularly well suited for elderly persons who have trouble bathing by themselves in regular bathtubs. For someone who will have to get help to shower in a normal bath, being able to bathe independently once again can be a very freeing experience. If you or someone in your home needs assistance to bathe, getting a walk-in tub like this one can truly be a liberating and life-changing experience.

60″ x 30″ Companion Massage Walk In Tub


A massage walk-in tub? Yes, this bathtub is a dual massage tub complete with both air and hydro massage systems that you can control with the touch of a button. The tub is made with white cast acrylic reinforced with fiberglass and a gelcoat. It is spacious and it is very deep. You will find a host of interesting features on this tub and they are all geared to providing you with a therapeutic and relaxing experience.

Bells and Whistles

Technology abounds on this bathtub. It has 2 of almost everything – 2 seats, 2 drains for super-quick draining, 2 drain openers, and 2 overflows. There are also 2 different massage systems (hydro and air) and a high tech chromatherapy lighting system that can display multiple LED lights. To add to those features there is also an Ozone Sterilization system and a thermostatic control valve to ensure that the tub doesn’t get too hot.

Room For Two

This tub may fit perfectly into the standard 60-inch opening for most single person tubs, but it was designed so that two people can fit into it comfortably. This makes it perfect for couples who want to spend some quality romantic time together and bond while letting the bubbles massage them. There are two seats, one located at each end of the tub, and they both have raised headrests to make your soak even more comfortable.

30 x 54 in. E-Series Dual Massage Gel Coat Walk In Tub


Maximize your bathtub space and install one of these awesome dual massage walk-in tubs. They will fit in the traditional 60-inch space that is allotted for bathtubs in most homes but they will give you so much more comfort, safety, and functionality than you could ever get from a regular tub. These E-series massage tubs are also easy to enter using the provided threshold door.

Safety Features

Most people who are looking for a walk-in tub will want to know that it has all the necessary safety features so that anyone, old or young, will be able to use it without harming themselves. This E-Series walk-in tub does not disappoint when it comes to safety; it has all the safety features that you would expect to find in a high-quality walk-in tub. The surface at the bottom of the tub is textured to prevent slipping, which is unfortunately a very common occurrence in bathrooms all across the country. There is also a built-in grab bar, and the door to the 6.5-inch threshold closes securely to keep both the occupant and any the water safely inside.

Massage Features

Now that we have covered the all important safety features we can relax and have a look at the more enjoyable massage features of this tub. It has all of eighteen therapeutic air jets for massage plus another six hydrotherapy jets that you can adjust in any direction. I don’t know about you but I could certainly get used to being therapeutically massaged in this tub after work everyday!

Best Clawfoot BathTubs

67″ Acrylic Slipper Clawfoot Tub Bronze “Miller”


Clawfoot tubs are right at home in bathrooms where the decor is reminiscent of an older time in history. They remind me of old western movies before running water was freely available and people had to fill their baths up with buckets of water once every week or so when they would get to have a bath. Today we are fortunate to have running water 24 hours a day (most of us anyway) and that comes with the ability to have a bath whenever we want. Get one of these clawfoot tubs for your bathroom and you can be the star of your own western movie and enjoy a good soak without having to manually fill the tub or empty it out afterwards. Sounds tempting doesn’t it?

Solid Brass Fixtures

I just love that this tub comes complete with a full plumbing package. When you purchase the acrylic tub you will also get supply lines, a faucet, drain and overflow, and a handheld shower – all in a gorgeous rubbed bronze color that will surely give your bathroom an old world charm and elegance. The fixtures are all bronze colored but they are actually made with a solid brass that is so durable the manufacturers have backed them with a 5-year warranty on defects. The tub itself also has a warranty, but that is only for one year.

Enough Room

This tub actually has more than enough room to fit one person comfortably. Its dimensions are above average, being just over 66 inches in length and 31 inches wide. For me more room equals more space to stretch out and relax. I can almost see myself relaxing in this tub right now with large ribbons in my hair and my horse neighing in the background outside (we are in a Western, remember?) Anyway this is one dream you can make a reality – all you have to do it get this bathtub, some water, and maybe a horse 🙂

Sinkology TBT-6631CL Heisenberg Handmade Pure Solid Freestanding Claw Foot Bath Tub, 5.5′, Antique Copper


This is the only copper bathtub that I have reviewed on my site but it definitely deserves to be here. If you want to have a real rustic vibe to your bathroom, adding an authentic antique copper tub like this one from Sinkology is the way to go. This is a bold statement piece and it is also sure to be a conversation starter if you are the type to entertain people.

Expert Craftsmanship

The folks over at Sinkology are very proud of the level of craftsmanship that goes into making their tubs. This freestanding clawfoot tub, for example, was crafted using pure solid copper. Each tub is also made by expert craftsmen and hand-finished to make it unique. Turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa retreat with one of these fabulous, top quality copper tubs.

Stand Out From The Crowd

I am almost sure that if you check the statistics you will find that about 95% of all bathrooms in the world have a white tub. OK, that is just my opinion and I don’t have an official source but, you know, most people have a white tub. Wouldn’t it be nice to do something different and get a non-white tub? If you are feeling brave or are just tired of the same old white tub in your bathroom everyday, getting a copper one like this Sinkology tub will certainly make your bathroom stand out from the crowd and look awesome too.

American Bath Factory T330F-OB 71″ Churchill Nuevo Bathtub


Do you want to add both beauty and comfort to your bathroom? This white tub with old world bronze finishes is a one-of-a-kind piece that will add both elegance and comfort, and give your bathroom an exotic, spa-like feel.

Extra Large

This tub has a capacity of up to 58 gallons of water! That’s a lot of water and you certainly won’t have any trouble immersing yourself in total relaxation with that kind of coverage. The tub itself, although it is made for one person, is extra large with a length of 71 inches and a width of 31 inches. It is slightly raised at the head end so that your head can rest comfortably and remain dry while you enjoy a deep soak in this beautiful tub.

Intricate Design

A beautiful balance between old and new is achieved by the intricate design of this elegant tub. The tub is made of hand-crafted wrought iron in the traditional white color but is delicately embraced in a beautiful, curvy bronze design that gives it a unique feel and look. If you are tired of the same old white tub but you don’t want to do a full-colored tub, this lovely, spacious tub from the American Bath Factory is a great option.

There you have it, my top picks for the best bathtubs available on the market today. I covered five of the most popular types of tubs – freestanding, drop-in, recessed, walk-in and clawfoot. No matter what decor you have in your bathroom, one of these gorgeous tubs will surely be able to help you achieve the look you are going for. You want your bathroom to look beautiful but it should be comfortable and reflect your personal style as well. My aim here was to provide you with the best option and save you the time it would take to scour the Internet for this information. I can only hope that I was successfully able to help you in this way and that you will find the perfect tub by using this site. If you are still unsure about which tub to get, feel free to check out my bathtub articles to find some helpful information. I would suggest that you start with the Bathtub Buying Guide if you don’t know where to begin. OK, after all these reviews I am off to soak in my own tub and relax for a while!